Since 2012, we have been providing homeowners with solar solutions that are win-win.

Our Mission

To SunStarter, going solar is about:

  • Saving money on electricity bills
  • Preserving our environment
  • Giving you a simple, painless process for getting a system

It's our mission to fulfill those three items for you. If we can't, then we won't do business.

Where we came from

Solar Provider Group is an international solar development, investment and construction company with more than $100m of projects completed across its various affiliate companies. SunStarter is the residential solar affiliate of Solar Provider Group. We formed SunStarter because we saw that, even though home solar was an amazing value, homeowners weren't adopting it. We found people were confused, misinformed, and frustrated by other solar options.

We knew we could bring genuine value and a simple process to homeowners, and SunStarter was born. Since then we have constantly refined our business to better serve homeowners and bring solar into the world.

Solar Provider Group has operations in the US, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom through its main affiliates: Ontario Solar Provider Inc, KB Racking Inc, KB Installations Inc, enlux Solar GmbH, SunStarter Solar Installations Inc. and UK Solar Provider Ltd.

Management Team

Steve Kiesling, Founder

About Solar Provider Group

Solar Provider is a privately-held, family-owned business with a decade of global experience in the engineering, execution, construction, financing and placement of solar projects. We get solar done right.

Hundreds of completed projects, 7 countries, 6 offices, 2 continents, 1 goal: Execute solar diligently and cost efficiently.