What are my options?

Regardless of which option you choose, know this: you are going to dramatically lower your cost of electricity. SunStarter will handle the details every step of the way, from designing your system to connecting it with your utility.


Finance up to 100% - Nothing out of pocket

Want to take advantage of federal tax credits and want the biggest return on investment? Purchasing offers the most value to homeowners.

When you purchase, you will own your system and enjoy the power produced by the system for years to come.

When you buy from SunStarter, you get peace of mind:

  • Turnkey design and installation
  • A 15 year performance guaranty and workmanship warranty
  • Equipment warranties from 20to 25 years
  • System Monitoring



$0 Down

Want hassle-free electricity on equipment that is guaranteed to perform? Don't feel like paying anything out of pocket? This option is for you!


Our lease is simple: we'll provide you with electricity at a rate lower than your utility. It costs nothing out of pocket and you can start saving immediately. All we have to do is install the equipment and you are on your way.

All of our leases have:

  • No upfront costs
  • A 25 year fixed rate contract
  • A power production guarantee
  • Insurance and maintenance included

Do I qualify?

Here is a checklist of points that generally make solar a great value. Keep in mind that these are just starting points. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions - we are always happy to help.

  • Your electricity bill is above $125/month. The financial benefit is greatest above this point. Solar is still a great option below this point if you still want to contribute to the environment with more modest savings.
  • You own your house.
  • Open roof space to the south, west, or east.
  • Standard roofing material (shingles, concrete tiles.)
  • Your roof is in reasonable condition. It doesn’t make sense to install a solar system on a roof that needs immediate repair or replacement. If you aren't aware of its condition, we are happy to take a look for you.

 These are not rigid rules, and our experienced designers can often figure out ways to install systems on less than ideal roofs that can still save you money.

Watch an installation

At SunStarter we believe that the benefits of solar energy should go to the greatest number possible. Every household that goes solar is able to do this directly – by limiting their electricity costs, reducing their carbon footprint, and keeping the air cleaner.

But for some people, solar isn’t a viable option. Maybe you rent your home, or the trees in your backyard cast shade across your rooftop. Maybe your electricity bills are too low for solar to make sense in the first place. For reasons like these, we recognize that for some, solar simply isn’t possible.

But we want to ensure that the benefits of solar energy reach far and wide, so we’ve created a robust referral programEven if you aren’t a customer of SunStarter, if you tell someone about SunStarter, and they go solar with us, we’ll give you $500. If you're already a SunStarter customer, it also applies to you! Have your friends and family mention us when they get a quote and we'll make sure you get credit.

solar panel on rooftop in los angeles

How is solar electricity made?

As anyone who has gotten sunburned can attest, the sun generates a lot of energy. Solar panels capture that same energy and turn it into electricity.

When light hits solar panels, electricity is generated in the form of direct current (DC). That power is then sent to an inverter to transform that energy into alternating current (AC), the current that is commonly used in homes. The power flows through your electrical system, powering your home and appliances.

Where does the electricity go?

Often there will be excess electricity that flows through your electricity meter onto the utility grid. When this happens, your meter will spin in reverse! This gives you credit with your utility provider, offsetting your electricity bill.